1. Is Suvarnaprashana to be given in empty stomach?

• For better effect it can be administered in empty stomach.

2. Can child be given food before & after administration?

• Yes, but at least a gap of half an hour.

3. Why it is to be given on the day of PUSHYANAKSHATRA?

• According to Shastra’s Gold has more potency on this auspicious day. Administering on this day will enhance the drug absorption.

4. What to be done if we missed the Date?

• Please contact our counter for a follow up dose in the form of Powder. For best result we recommend this follow up dosage form along with usual single dose of Suvarnaprashana. This powder can be continued; drop can be administered in the next month.

5. What should be the duration of Suvarnaprashana?

• For best result at least 24 months the medicines (Drops+ Powder) have to be continued.

6. In how many months we can get the results?

• Immediate effects cannot be expected. Boosting the memory & immunity is a time taking process. At least need to wait for 3 months to observe the changes.

7. If child is allergic to ghee & honey, then what are the other methods for the administration?

• Powder can be given daily. Please contact our doctor for further details.

8. Can Vaccination be continued along with Suvarnaprashana?

• Yes, the national immunization schedules can be continued.

9. What are the medicines used for its preparation?

• Swarna Bhasma / gold calyx in a very minute form along with Certain Herbal Drugs, prepared with a special classical Ghee based method.

10. Any swarna prashana side effects are noticed after consumption like pain abdomen, fever, vomiting etc.?

• No side effects noticed so far nether immediate nor late

11. If child falls ill in between, can this medicine be continued?

• Yes, this can be continued along with other medicines.

12. Can this be given to those children who are undergoing allopathic medication for dyslexia, attention deficit etc.?

• Of course our Swarna Prashana is very much helpful in these conditions. It can be continued with allopathic medicines & later allopathic medicines can be gradually tapered depending on the condition.

13. Is it helpful in vitamin deficiency?

• This is not a food supplement. It is a medicine to boost immunity & memory.

14. Is there any specific contra indication?

• As such no contra indications have been reported. But its administration can be withdrawn when child is very sick, suffering from high fever, severe respiratory tract & GIT infection.

15. What can be given for children above 10 years of age to improve their school performance?

• There are various medicines prepared with Swarna Bhasma can be administered depending upon the condition. For further details, please contact our doctor.

16. There are many types of medicines/dosage forms are available in different Ayurvedic Clinics/ Hospitals as Swarna prashana with different rates, why we should believe APTACARE Swarna prashana?

• More authentic & lab certified.

• Every single dose contains Svarnabhasma as per proven dosage form.

• Age defined formulations for overall physical and mental developments of the child.

• Traditionally prepared by qualified Ayurveda vaidyas tested for quality trusted from years.

17. What is the expiry date of Swarna prashana?

It can be stored for 2years.

18. How about the safety of the Swarna bhasma used in Swarna prashana? How far is it advisable to use in children?

Swarna bhasma is a preparation which is obtained after elaborate process of purification and processed through incineration. So there is marked difference in consuming gold as a bhasma and gold as a metal. Studies has been carried out to evaluate the absorption of Swarna bhasma in the blood.


Detailed study on safety profile of Swarna bhasma has been also reported. The action of Bhasma to that of Nano particles are highly compatible to the blood.


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