Swarnaprashana-3 is designed package for age group 5-10years. Swarnaprashna-3 is a made of Swarna bhasma, Brahmi, Shankapushpi and Sita churna.
Swarna bhasma has been mentioned as very effective medicine for health in Ayurveda literatures. It has been noted that it Swarna bhasma along with the herbs are taken regularly on Pushya nakshatra dates, it brings good immunity, sound digestion, protection from the diseases and good health. Classics has also mentioned it can promote increased life span.
Brahmi and Shankapushpi together act on improving the intellect and memory. They also keep the nervous system active and keeps away from the diseases.

• Helps to boost Immunity – Swarnaprashana helps to improve the immunity power, develops resistance against recurrent infections, prevents children from falling ill very often.
• Helps to Enhance Memory – Regular usage promotes child’s intellect, grasping power, sharpness, analysis power improve memory in a unique manner.
• Helps to Nourish Skin – This potent immunization helps to build body (height and weight), increases physical strength and enhances stamina for the body. It also nourishes the skin and improves complexion.
• Helps to improve digestion – Suvarnaprashana boosts child’s appetite It further kindles digestive fire, refines the digestion, and keeps healthy.
• Swarnaprashana is also very helpful in children with special needs such as Delayed milestones, Autistic disorders, Hyper activity disorders.

How to use ?
• Open the package containing the Swarnaprashana and ghee.
• Melt the ghee by keeping in boiled water with a temperature around 550– 60℃ .
• Open the packet containing powder, and carefully transfer to the wooden spoon.
• Pour the melted ghee in to the spoon drop by drop followed by honey.
• Mix this thoroughly with the help of another wooden spoon. Administer this to the child immediately.
Caution: Store at a dry place, away from direct exposure to sunlight.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 5 cm


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