Charmaranjini Taila



Enriched with pure Ayurveda herbs that help to brighten the skin tone, de-tan, and smoothens the skin. The presence of potent turmeric, high in antioxidant properties repairs the skin pigmentations or any scar marks. The oil base provides the moistening effect to better and nourishes the skin. The cooling effect is enhanced with the Vetiver and Red sandal. Triphala and Agaru support the antibacterial actions and protect the skin from any infections.
• Twakroga (Skin diseases)
• Skin lightening and smoothening
• Fast absorbing

How to use
Take a sufficient quantity of oil in the palms and apply gently over the body. Massage all over the body and leave it for few minutes and take a bath with warm water.

Additional information

Weight 400 g


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