How Aptacare Swarnaprashana is different from other brands?

Aptacare Swarnaprashana is a newest innovation done on the basis of considering factors – safety, purity and efficacy. The packages are specifically designed based on age groups from 0-1year, 1-5years, 5-10years, and 10-15years.

Considering the needs and demands of child health, there is an urgent need for designing and authentic, safe and efficient preparation of Swarnaprashana. Aptacare is the first brand to come out with this age-tailored category of products. Each package was designed keeping in mind the health requirements needed for the children in that particular age group

1Administrated in dropsAdministrated in the form of Lehana
2Prior prepared Medicated ghee and honey mixed with Swarna Bhasma being administered in drops.Swarna Bhasma, calculated as per age is mixed with herb powders, packed in different sachet, mixed with medicated ghee and honey just before administration.
3Doesn’t ensure each dose contains stipulated Swarna Bhasma.Ensures the impact of Swarna Bhasma in each single dose.
4In many other brands it is observed, Swarna Bhasma settling down in the bottom of the container.Our new improved version ensures Swarna Bhasma is mixed with other herbal powders thoroughly, so it does not settle and guarantees each dose contains Swarna Bhasma
5Swarna Bhasma mixed with Medicated Ghee and Honey is given in plastic droppers.100% eco-friendly as no plastic is being used.
6Standardisation of dose as per age is a challenge.An effort is made to standardise the dose as per different age group.
7No authentic informationLab tested and quality certified

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