Are you tired of visiting Doctors

due to Allergy, Sneezing, Recurrent Cold and Cough?


The immune system is a complex network of cells and proteins that defends the body against infection. White blood cells support the body to look for pathogens and destroy them.

Our immune system protects the body to fight against invaders such as viruses, bacteria and foreign bodies.

A strong immune system always ensures a healthy body and mind. Ayurveda understands immunity as ‘Vyadhikshamatva’. ‘Vyadhi’ means disease and ‘kshamatva’ means resistance. It is the capacity of the body and mind to resist against diseases.
• A strong immune system upholds good health free from recurrent diseases, infections and allergies.
• Strong digestive system
• Active metabolism in the body.
• Regular and Sound sleep.
• Fast healing of injury or wounds.

• Eat fresh and healthy food
• Hydrate the body properly
• Exercise regularly – Yoga, Pranayama and meditation should be practised regularly
• Regular sleeping pattern
• Reduce stress
• Stay away from smoking, drinking alcohol and chewing tobacco
• Adopt Ayurveda in day to day life

Yes. We have designed special immune booster packs for different age groups. The medicines, diet, yoga, pranayama and home remedies will be shared after consultations.

Aptacare concentrates on body’s overall natural resistance to the disease causing agent rather than directly neutralizing the pathogens itself. We focus on ‘psychoneuroimmunology’ approach which deals with relation between psychological, nervous and immune system. Our strong faith lies in the concept of Rasayanas which strengthens the Ojas (vitality) and Bala (bio-strength) with natural resistance against aging and diseases. We would also like to emphasis on ‘Achara rasayana’ which helps to achieve higher goal by following good lifestyle and conduct.