Hoarseness, is a condition where the individual observes an abnormal change in the voice. The person experience dry or scratchy throat and the sound produced will not be smooth.
The most common symptoms of hoarseness stems from a sign of inflamed larynx. This condition is called laryngitis. If the hoarseness lasts for more than 10days, medical intervention is required.

Hoarseness is a result of viral infection in upper respiratory tract. Other common factors that can cause, hoarseness may be:
• Excess coughing
• Allergies
• Smoking
• Acid reflux
• Drinking caffeinated and alcoholic beverages
• Screaming, prolonged singing, or straining the vocal cords
• Inhaling toxic substances

Some less common causes of hoarseness include:
• Polyps (abnormal growths) in the vocal cords, throat, thyroid, or lung cancer
• Damage to the throat caused due to any insertion of tubes.
• Male adolescence (when the voice deepens)
• Poorly functioning thyroid gland
• Aortic aneurysms (swelling of a portion of the aorta, the largest artery of the heart)
• Nerve disorders that weaken the muscles supporting larynx

Hoarseness typically exhibits symptoms like:
• Raspy and harsh quality of voice.
• Change in pitch of voice.
• Swelling or inflammation in the vocal cord.

• Herbal Tea: Numerous types of herbal tea prepared with minimal spices are very effective in curing throat pain.
• Avoid Sour Foods: Avoid fruits like pineapple, lime, oranges and tomato etc. These foods contain acid which can back flow from stomach to throat and cause laryngitis.
• Avoid Spicy foods: Spicy foods can generate irritation in the larynx and also worsen the present symptoms.
• Stop Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages have burning effect, which do not suit the throat health.