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Do you know stress and anxiety may be the root cause for erectile dysfunction & Premature ejaculation. Feel free to discuss in detail about your sexual problems with our expert privately. Know how minor lifestyle changes along with herbal medication may resolve your problem


In this fast moving world, diabetes is a threat to human population. Studies claim that more than 70% of Indian population are Insulin Resistant. This tailor made program for diabetics and pre-diabetics ensures a comprehensive approach to safeguard your health. We focus to reverse the diabetic complications, customized lifestyle and nutritional support through minimal cost effective packages.



Digestive health is primarily important as the body needs appropriate nutrition and assimilation of the nutrients from the food we take. Disobeying the dietary rules are the supreme cause for issues related to digestion. We at Aptacare has designed personalized packages for digestive care as per individual requirements. Diet to normalize the gut health and healthy recipes will be shared as per the needs.


Worried about your immunity or seasonal ailments? Don’t worry we have one stop solution to all your concerns.  The quote ‘Prevention is better than cure’ holds good in the current scenario. In this stressful situation, managing health for you and your family is very important. By improving Immunity, it not only strengthens the body but also enhances in mental health. Consult us for customized healthcare preventive remedies.